Event planning is the act of planning and organizing an event. An event planner is responsible for planning and organizing of events and is responsible for the execution of the major tasks for the success of the event. Tasks such as sending out invitations to people, securing venue, updating attendees, feeding should be sorted by an event planner. Event planners are saddled with the responsibility of taking care of every minute detail for the success of the event. Seating arrangement, sending invitations, feeding and the least essential task must be carefully planned. The two most essential aspect of event planning is proper documentation and paper based tasks but they are time consuming.

Documentation and paper work are manual elements and take lots of time that would have been used for performing other useful tasks. Latest advances in technology can replace these manual tasks involved in event planning to save time and create an easy platform for all event management operations. Event management technology have been developed by designing event softwares and mobile applications that are easy to use in the process of planning an event. Event softwares are designed for registering attendees, sending invites via email or on social media, receiving feedbacks and following up on RSVPs. These event technological tools are very useful for the successful planning of events.

Event Technology

Increased technological advancement has led to greater improvements in the event planning industry from the use of paperwork to designing event management softwares and apps and use of latest technological platforms.
The main purpose of event technology is to get your event planning tasks done easily and get to your attendees easily too.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID technology helps in both quantitative and qualitative data analysis enabling planners to draw inferences from data obtained in an event. It provides an avenue to capture data of attendees and make them more active in the event. Photos can be uploaded, social media platforms can be continuously updated, promotions and contests can be made to reward winners and loyal attendees.

Multi-Use Apps

Event apps have been designed to provide attendees a channel where they can interact with each other prior to the event, during and after the event.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has the ability to improve and make relevant changes to some tasks that needs to be done. Tasks such as venue inspection, feeding, travelling directions, attendees contact can be developed as software and used on wearable technology.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a new trend of technology that can be used to update attendees’ activities at events. This is a great event management technology that can be combined with wearable technology.

Social Media

Social media awareness is the most important and widely used event technology of modern day. Social media is the most popular avenue to advertise an event, create general awareness and invite larger number of people to your events. It is a medium where event sponsors, planners advertise an event and where attendees become aware of your event and also share them with friends.

Getting The Basics Right

Email softwares have been developed to enable planners send email messages and invitations to attendees using a designed template. This has replaced the arduous task of sending mails manually to hundreds and thousands of people and also receive messages from them. Some event management softwares are also developed to relieve the time spent replying RSVPs and recording prospective event attendees. It is now necessary for every event planner to build a functioning website or blog for each event with the available technological tools. Attendees can register on this website, follow updates on events and also keep track of traffic records on your website. It is easy to develop a website nowadays as there are event softwares that are built with readymade designs and customizable templates.

Go Social

Events can be advertised and promoted on various social media which are used by millions of people. Some event softwares can be used to display all social media messages on your website. So attendees and intending attendees can follow up on updates and register for events. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. are good platforms to create awareness for your event. You can also create chat groups on some platforms like Whatsapp and Snapchat to reach out to prospective attendees.

Keeping The Attendees App-y

In this technology-driven world, smartphone are very useful in advertising an event because it is commonly used by millions of people. This is a good medium of generating attendees for your event. You can design an attractive mobile app for this purpose and update your attendees on any information and changes that may arise. You can easily send notifications and latest updates to everyone involved in the planning of the event.
Some apps can be customized to look exactly like your designed website. This gives your attendees and app users a whole new experience. Your sponsors can also include their brand and adverts in your customized apps to make it more active for your attendees.

Survey Your Success

An event planner's job does not end after the event is over. You must evaluate your performance and success of the event. The success of an event determines whether your attendees will be willing to attend future events. You can do a survey of your attendees’ opinion by using an event management software. These event software can help you get feedbacks from your attendees after the event to enable you plan a better event next time. These event management tools are essential for the success of any event planner. You can develop any event management software tool for your events.


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An event planner's job does not end after the event is over. You must evaluate your performance and success of the event. The success of an event determines whether your attendees will be willing to attend future events.



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