Best Facetime Alternatives For Windows PC - IMO Video Calling App

We all want to be connected with our friends and family. It really feels so lonely when we are quite away from our home. In this modern world, we all live moribund lives but still the feelings of love, care and affection don’t go anywhere. So, here in this article, I would like to introduce you all to a new app named IMO. It’s an amazing app that connects you with your family and friends instantly. This app really helps to communicate with our loved ones whenever we want. This app has spread like a fever amongst the youngsters. They are using it every time to feel attached to their friends. People who are on IMO they keep it updated all the time. Let’s find some more features of it.

NOTE: Learn how to download Facetime for PC - Well Its officially available only for iOS devices. Here we provide one trick for how to use on Windows 10 & 8.1.

What is this IMO for PC?

IMO is nothing but an application which runs easily on your android or smartphones. This application is mainly used for video calling. This app has said bye-bye to the phone call and message charges. This app is really easy to use or can say it’s quite user-friendly. If you want to use this app then you can easily download it from the play store. It will charge a single penny as it’s free. After downloading it you just need to install it on your phone and there you go. After this fraction of seconds process, you can use go for using this app. Check steps to download IMO for PC below.

The Video calling App imo download on windows pc, ever since its inception has been invoking downloads and positive reviews from users all over the world. IMO is an alternative to skype since both the applications are video calling applications. It’s a totally free application and moreover, It has been upgraded to new version. The new version of the application has been inculcated with some power pack features like the new IMO network that only add up to its credibility.

Steps to Download IMO for PC/Laptop on Windows 7/8.1/10:

1. For the free Download, IMO in your PC is possible only with an android emulator which allows you to run and install android apps on PC.
2. You can get any Android Emulator like Makey, Bluestacks, and much more.
3. is one of the very popular software and used by lots of users to run Android apps & games on PC. This emulator is basically used to download the app that is available on the play store.
4. Bluestacks app gamer is available for free.
5. After you download this app you just need to install it on your computer. After the installation, you just need to go for few simple steps to download IMO.
6. When you open blue stack you will find a search box where you just need to type IMO, and then the search bar after searching it will list it.
7. From that list, you just need to click on the IMO App and now, you are only a few steps away from your app.
8. Once you click on IMO, you will find the option to download it, just click on download and wait for a while.
9. After it is downloaded you just need to install it and there you go.

How Does IMO for PC or Laptop on Windows Work?

Now, only one question must be clicking in the mind i.e. how it works. The answer is very simple that it works very easily. After the installation, you only need to be required one thing i.e. the proper internet connection because it works when you have the internet connection. After its installation, you will be able to find out few things that it will ask you to register yourself in it. So, in that case, it will ask your e-mail, username, and password. If you want to register through this method you can otherwise it will also provide the option of registration using your G+ mail or by facebook. It’s quick and easy. After the registration, you will be able to see the option of DP (Display picture) and status where you can upload your image and also whatever is going on in your mind.

After these simple steps, you will be able to see your friends and family members who are present on the IMO right now. It actually uses the contact list of your phone and collects the people who are using it. And if you want your other friends to be present on that then you can send them to invite application and from that, they will also get to know about it and possibly they download it. It can be observed that you have arrived here for downloading Imo for PC. If that is the case then you have arrived at the right place. Follow this article and you will definitely get how to download Imo for iPhone and ipad without any problems.


Google Allo Apk Download Free Latest Version on Android Device

The Internet giant Google has integrated artificial intelligence with their newly developed messaging app Google Allo. Google Allo Apk is a messaging app and one of the best conversation app. It is a very advanced instant messaging mobile App with many new and unique features and technology. Google Allo is an artificial intelligence chatting application. It suggests you quick replies for any chat. Suppose your friend send a message “How are you doing?” then it will advise you to for smart response “Awesome.” So, you need not type anything for some necessary replies. Google assistance will help you to respond in any chat instantly.

This App uses the latest updated technology for artificial intelligence to save your messaging time. In spite of its artificial intelligence feature, it has lots of more amazing features that surely will make all mobile users crazy. In the course of this article “Google Allo Apk Download,” you will get all information regarding its features and steps to download it on your mobile phones.

Google Allo Apk – Everything About Google Messaging Application:

As name Google is attached to it, then it is sure that this App must contain some extraordinary features. Google Allo contact list is based on your phone contact list. When you install Google Allo on your phone, It automatically opens its contact list, where it will give a list of your all friend those who are using Google Allo. You can send emoji stickers to your friend. It has a wide collection of emoji through which you can share your emotion with your buddies. As it is an artificial intelligence chat application, it decreases your many efforts. I will summarize its artificial intelligence capability in its features. It is a very secure place for chatting as it maintains both side message encryption. You can set your chatting to the private mode by Google Allo Incognito mode. In this App, you can personalize your chat and chat history. You can set an expiry time, after which your chatting history will automatically delete, and also you can use private notifications to hide your chat from others. So this App is a fully personalized and you can change some settings to make it more efficient.

Features of Google Allo Apk:

This App has numerous features, and below I am going to list all its distinct feature. And I am sure that you will be crazy to use this application on your phone.This App is fully an artificial intelligence chatting App. Its artificial intelligence helps you in every regard in making your conversation more sophisticated. Below I am listing all its artificial intelligence features.

Ø It’s auto-suggestion of replies helps you to save time in typing text. It suggests many necessary replies which you can choose in reply to a certain text message of your friends.
Ø You can send a message without typing. Means, whatever you wanna to send, just shout it. Its artificial intelligence feature will capture your words instantly.
Ø Forget your mobile keyboard to type block and small case letter for your chat. Just shout loud to make your text uppercase and whisper to make your text in a smaller case.
This is not only a chatting application. It is a baby Google search engine. It helps you in every regard not only chatting. It understands and gives you everything hat you needs. As it is a search engine, you can type to search and also you can search through your voice. Below I am listing hat features you will get from its assistance.
Ø It provides daily weather forecast directly to your mobile. When you need to know about today weather forecast, just say “today weather” then Google Now card will appear. Follow up that card, and you can subscribe for a daily weather forecast, and also you can fix time to receive that weather forecast notification.
Ø You send your location with a map to your friends that helps you to locate your friend those who are nearby.
Ø It is so smart that it can identify image too. It gives all related image that related to the picture that you want to send. Google assistance use a strong algorithm to identify the image and also all thing around it. Suppose you send many random pictures around your house and its smart technology can identify every single part of image instantly and very easily.
Ø If you are feeling bored or need some refreshment then simply go to Google assistant it ill help you. Suppose you want to play games then just say “play games,” then it will give a list of all games available as chat games, doodle games, puzzle games, quiz games and much more. Not only it can refresh you with games, but it can also refresh you through music. Just say the name of the music you wanna to hear. It will play that music for you.
Ø For Google assistance you need not remain connected to the internet. Suppose you need an answer to a question. But unfortunately, you are not in network coverage. Don’t be upset Google assistance will help you in offline too. Just say what you need, and Google assistance will make your answer ready, and it will be delivered to you when you are in online.


Download Kingroot Apk And Get Your Android Device Rooted Easily !

KingRoot is an application that helps in assisting you to root your android device. It is known as a root tool that is appropriate for the lazy people who just want to get the root access done without much of hassle or flash ant third party recovery in their android device. Quite useful right? With the help of KingRoot via your computer, you can root your device easily, and you do not have to be an advanced user to get it done. It is a rooting app that successfully roots your android device within minutes.

Does it work on all the android devices?

If you have any of the android version between 4.2.2 and 5.1, the KingRoot app is suitable for your device. The functionality of this app might be the same as that of the classic ones, but with the KingRoot app, you can also root the android lollipop as well. This app makes the rooting process very easy and effective, and you just need to click on the button and wait for few seconds until the work gets completed and your phone is rooted. Is it compatible with all devices? Well no. One important thing you need to know regarding the app is it might not function on the Moto-G, but it will work perfectly with Nexus.

How risky is it to trust the rooting apps?

The rooting process can be considered a risky procedure which makes it important for you to handle it carefully. KingRoot eliminates the risk factor and helps you give the rooted device with repetitive checking while conducting the procedure. With the help of a root Checker, you can easily check whether or not your device is rooted. Probably a smart decision to use it right? The KingRoot app is basically for the Android devices, and the main purpose of using this app is to enable the users to access the root of their android device in a matter of few seconds in an easy and secure manner. Wondering if there are other requirements? Your android OS system needs to be within Android software of 4.2.2 to 5.1 to have the best optimum working of the app. The KingRoot 5.2.1 app helps you to do the same functioning with an additional feature of it working for Lollipop Android operating systems.


The Best Photo Editing Apps In 2020 !

Don’t you hate your photos when you have clicked dozens of times but still it doesn’t seem right? It happens with almost everyone. Who doesn’t want a perfect picture? But all the time it not possible to get the right pictures. SO how to get perfect picture? The answer is using a photo editing app. It happens with many people that they like the photo clicked by a professional photographer but when they click in the same posture, they don’t like that one. Do you know why? Because the professional photographers use the editing application through which they correct every single small thing to make the picture more attractive and catchy. Let's have a look on 5 best app photo editing for your future reference

Top 5 photo editing application

  1. Snapseed

Snapseed is one of the best photo editing application, that you can get in the google playstore. It has loads of features.

  • Like You can crop any kind of photos,
  • you will be able to enhance the quality of the photo
  • Tune the photo properly
  • Don’t like the colour, change it with this app and many more.

By using the app you can take photograph or can select any pictures from your phone. It comes with the great editing and filters tool.

  1. Pixlr Express- Photo Editing

If you want the after effect of your photo that you have clicked Pixlr Express is the best option for you. It has lots of after effects features. Not only after effects the borders and overlays also there which is generally usedforediting or enhance the pictures. This application also has the option to manage the light and fixing the photos. You can use the application while taking photos or can use for those photos which are already on your phone to make it perfect, to enhance its clarity. The functionality of the app is segregated into four categories

  • Effects
  • Overlays
  • Adjustments and
  • Border
  1. iMovie

iMovie is a simple, easy to use video editing program that comes free with the Apple operating system (it has no Windows PC version). Despite its simplicity, Windows Software - iMovie offers many of the same features – dropping clips on a time line, cropping them, adding transitions between clips, etc. Edit Videos Easily and Achieve Good Results in No Time. Start Creating Videos! Easy-to-Use Smart Presets. Attentive Support Team. Intuitive Interface. Detailed Tutorials. Services: Improve Video Quality, Add Music, Use 160+ Special Effects, Apply Titles.

  1. Prisma

Prisma app count as one of the best in 5 best app photo editing application.Whatever speciality you want you would get almost everything in this app. You can get modern art type of effect and filters. The filter in it is totally different from others, it has all new type of filters. You do not have to do anything with the pictures, just upload the picture and the Prisma app will do the rest of things.

Prisma is quietly focused and straightforward of taking pictures, it works great when it applies the filters on the picture. You can share these pictures on facebook or twitter. The interface of the tool is also very simple. Half of the top is the viewfinder, which shows that you are taking pictures. In the bottom right there is a thumbnail, by which you can reach to the saved pictures and from there you can take a picture to edit.


Top 10 Best Laptops For Gaming Under $1000 of 2019 !

Long tail keywords can discover people that are later in the purchasing cycle, and more ready to purchase. With the proper software, you can ensure it is extremely simple for customers to book recurring appointments. Remain current with ongoing trends in the business and technology to provide your clients the best services and to remain competitive. Actually, there are a few things much more important than the idea itself. To put it differently, the thought that someone is watching what you eateven whether that someone is youcan assistance. Unfortunately, none of this matters in case you can't pick the ideal business to startfor you and your present situation.

It's simpler than ever to begin a business with only a laptop and a number of dollars. So, looking for Nvidia-based best gaming laptop under $1000 with GeForce RTX chip. A budget that's convenient for most Nigerians to have the Best Laptops Under 500 Naira. The caliber of the business and the item is the very first thing users experience. The entire website is split into two sections, perfectly representing the PoweronPoweroff business for a whole. Whatever you're trying to purchase a product it's extremely important you carry out some research about the brand of that item.

Prices vary based on the newspaper, but some of them are going to work out a deal with you in the event you advertise for a very long period of time. You'll be glad with terrific selection available on the internet in Nigeria. You need to construct a massive network of people so you are able to help each other. If you want to take the simple route, you're able to simply use an ecommerce platform like Shopify or Bigcommerce and take advantage of the huge themes they give. Have a look at our whitepaper to discover the advantages of moving your company phone system to the Cloud.

Plus you may think of approaches to boost your company just by taking a look at their site. You may then establish a site, build an email list, and execute other advertising and marketing activities to cultivate your clientele. You landed on the correct website. Yes, your small company can donate to charity and have a deduction for it. Even when you're a small company, the appropriate software doesn't need to break your bank to be able to appear and offer a degree of service large, resource-rich businesses offer. There are various uses of scheduling softwareit is dependent on your business 1.

As a small company, you don't have in-house accountants or attorneys, but it doesn't mean that you can't deduct their expert services. It's also wise to deduct all sales taxes which you have collected from the consumers at your deli. The Jamboard, which arrives in the very first quarter of 2017, is intended for businesses, although it might certainly have some terrific educational applications too.





Event planning is the act of planning and organizing an event. An event planner is responsible for planning and organizing of events and is responsible for the execution of the major tasks for the success of the event. Tasks such as sending out invitations to people, securing venue, updating attendees, feeding should be sorted by an event planner. Event planners are saddled with the responsibility of taking care of every minute detail for the success of the event. Seating arrangement, sending invitations, feeding and the least essential task must be carefully planned. The two most essential aspect of event planning is proper documentation and paper based tasks but they are time consuming.

Documentation and paper work are manual elements and take lots of time that would have been used for performing other useful tasks. Latest advances in technology can replace these manual tasks involved in event planning to save time and create an easy platform for all event management operations. Event management technology have been developed by designing event softwares and mobile applications that are easy to use in the process of planning an event. Event softwares are designed for registering attendees, sending invites via email or on social media, receiving feedbacks and following up on RSVPs. These event technological tools are very useful for the successful planning of events.

Event Technology

Increased technological advancement has led to greater improvements in the event planning industry from the use of paperwork to designing event management softwares and apps and use of latest technological platforms.
The main purpose of event technology is to get your event planning tasks done easily and get to your attendees easily too.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID technology helps in both quantitative and qualitative data analysis enabling planners to draw inferences from data obtained in an event. It provides an avenue to capture data of attendees and make them more active in the event. Photos can be uploaded, social media platforms can be continuously updated, promotions and contests can be made to reward winners and loyal attendees.

Multi-Use Apps

Event apps have been designed to provide attendees a channel where they can interact with each other prior to the event, during and after the event.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has the ability to improve and make relevant changes to some tasks that needs to be done. Tasks such as venue inspection, feeding, travelling directions, attendees contact can be developed as software and used on wearable technology.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a new trend of technology that can be used to update attendees’ activities at events. This is a great event management technology that can be combined with wearable technology.

Social Media

Social media awareness is the most important and widely used event technology of modern day. Social media is the most popular avenue to advertise an event, create general awareness and invite larger number of people to your events. It is a medium where event sponsors, planners advertise an event and where attendees become aware of your event and also share them with friends.

Getting The Basics Right

Email softwares have been developed to enable planners send email messages and invitations to attendees using a designed template. This has replaced the arduous task of sending mails manually to hundreds and thousands of people and also receive messages from them. Some event management softwares are also developed to relieve the time spent replying RSVPs and recording prospective event attendees. It is now necessary for every event planner to build a functioning website or blog for each event with the available technological tools. Attendees can register on this website, follow updates on events and also keep track of traffic records on your website. It is easy to develop a website nowadays as there are event softwares that are built with readymade designs and customizable templates.

Go Social

Events can be advertised and promoted on various social media which are used by millions of people. Some event softwares can be used to display all social media messages on your website. So attendees and intending attendees can follow up on updates and register for events. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. are good platforms to create awareness for your event. You can also create chat groups on some platforms like Whatsapp and Snapchat to reach out to prospective attendees.

Keeping The Attendees App-y

In this technology-driven world, smartphone are very useful in advertising an event because it is commonly used by millions of people. This is a good medium of generating attendees for your event. You can design an attractive mobile app for this purpose and update your attendees on any information and changes that may arise. You can easily send notifications and latest updates to everyone involved in the planning of the event.
Some apps can be customized to look exactly like your designed website. This gives your attendees and app users a whole new experience. Your sponsors can also include their brand and adverts in your customized apps to make it more active for your attendees.

Survey Your Success

An event planner's job does not end after the event is over. You must evaluate your performance and success of the event. The success of an event determines whether your attendees will be willing to attend future events. You can do a survey of your attendees’ opinion by using an event management software. These event software can help you get feedbacks from your attendees after the event to enable you plan a better event next time. These event management tools are essential for the success of any event planner. You can develop any event management software tool for your events.


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An event planner's job does not end after the event is over. You must evaluate your performance and success of the event. The success of an event determines whether your attendees will be willing to attend future events.


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