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We all want to be connected with our friends and family. It really feels so lonely when we are quite away from our home. In this modern world, we all live moribund lives but still the feelings of love, care and affection don’t go anywhere. So, here in this article, I would like to introduce you all to a new app named IMO. It’s an amazing app that connects you with your family and friends instantly. This app really helps to communicate with our loved ones whenever we want. This app has spread like a fever amongst the youngsters. They are using it every time to feel attached to their friends. People who are on IMO they keep it updated all the time. Let’s find some more features of it.

NOTE: Learn how to download Facetime for PC - Well Its officially available only for iOS devices. Here we provide one trick for how to use on Windows 10 & 8.1.

What is this IMO for PC?

IMO is nothing but an application which runs easily on your android or smartphones. This application is mainly used for video calling. This app has said bye-bye to the phone call and message charges. This app is really easy to use or can say it’s quite user-friendly. If you want to use this app then you can easily download it from the play store. It will charge a single penny as it’s free. After downloading it you just need to install it on your phone and there you go. After this fraction of seconds process, you can use go for using this app. Check steps to download IMO for PC below.

The Video calling App imo download on windows pc, ever since its inception has been invoking downloads and positive reviews from users all over the world. IMO is an alternative to skype since both the applications are video calling applications. It’s a totally free application and moreover, It has been upgraded to new version. The new version of the application has been inculcated with some power pack features like the new IMO network that only add up to its credibility.

Steps to Download IMO for PC/Laptop on Windows 7/8.1/10:

1. For the free Download, IMO in your PC is possible only with an android emulator which allows you to run and install android apps on PC.
2. You can get any Android Emulator like Makey, Bluestacks, and much more.
3. is one of the very popular software and used by lots of users to run Android apps & games on PC. This emulator is basically used to download the app that is available on the play store.
4. Bluestacks app gamer is available for free.
5. After you download this app you just need to install it on your computer. After the installation, you just need to go for few simple steps to download IMO.
6. When you open blue stack you will find a search box where you just need to type IMO, and then the search bar after searching it will list it.
7. From that list, you just need to click on the IMO App and now, you are only a few steps away from your app.
8. Once you click on IMO, you will find the option to download it, just click on download and wait for a while.
9. After it is downloaded you just need to install it and there you go.

How Does IMO for PC or Laptop on Windows Work?

Now, only one question must be clicking in the mind i.e. how it works. The answer is very simple that it works very easily. After the installation, you only need to be required one thing i.e. the proper internet connection because it works when you have the internet connection. After its installation, you will be able to find out few things that it will ask you to register yourself in it. So, in that case, it will ask your e-mail, username, and password. If you want to register through this method you can otherwise it will also provide the option of registration using your G+ mail or by facebook. It’s quick and easy. After the registration, you will be able to see the option of DP (Display picture) and status where you can upload your image and also whatever is going on in your mind.

After these simple steps, you will be able to see your friends and family members who are present on the IMO right now. It actually uses the contact list of your phone and collects the people who are using it. And if you want your other friends to be present on that then you can send them to invite application and from that, they will also get to know about it and possibly they download it. It can be observed that you have arrived here for downloading Imo for PC. If that is the case then you have arrived at the right place. Follow this article and you will definitely get how to download Imo for iPhone and ipad without any problems.


Everybody mainly uses IMO for video calling and unlimited chats. You don’t have to pay a single penny for talking to your friend’s face to face whenever you want. After all these, you will have IMO App on your PC to be used.

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